Monday, April 30, 2007


This is acid rain. When CO2 gets into the water in the clouds, the rain that falls is acid rain. This acid rain kills many plants, so try to help stop forest fires.


Symbiotic relationships are when one organism helps another organism. One example of a symbiotic relationship is when a bark beetle eats the bark of an oak tree. The beetle gets a meal and the tree gets nothing. Also when bacteria breaks down a red fox the fox is decomposed and the bacteria gets a meal. When a red squirrel is eaten by a fox the fox gets a meal and the squirrel gets nothing.

Food Chains

This is the flow of energy. It flows from the trees...
to the beetle...
to the squirrel...
to the fox...
to the bacteria.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Ecologiacal Succession

Cutting Down Trees.

There are a lot of things that people want from these forests. Its the trees! People cut down these trees for paper. Do you wonder where you get the real Christmas trees? There from the taiga biome.

Adaptations for Animals

These bears have very thick fur and sharp teeth to eat fish and plants that are there. This helps the bear to survive. This is called ADAPTATIONS. Other animals have ADAPTATIONS also, like the moose, the snowshoe rabbit, and the Canadian Lynx.

Taiga Landforms

Pretty cool stream, right? You can see a lot of these in taiga biomes. There are plenty of other landforms here. For example, lakes, streams, mountains, valleys, and rivers can all be found in the taiga biome.

Some Plants in the Taiga Biome

Balsam Fir

Black Spruce

Douglas Fir

Eastern Red Cedar

Jack Pine

Paper Birch

Siberian Spruce

White Spruce

White Fir

White Poplar